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Steve Black wins 2013 Mountain Mutter

Steve Black running the Mountain Mutter
Steve Black on his way to another Mountain Mutter victory.

The 2013 Mountain Mutter was different to any of the trail runs that were run before. Instead of having two stages 40 km there, and then 40 km back again, the course was 67 km without a break – a tougher assignment than before. Steve was initially unsure of whether or not to enter the race as he came down with flu not a week before the race. Alas, as we know a little flu won’t ever stop the King from running, and run he did. A 4600 foot climb took Steve 8 hrs and 37 minutes to finish, only 3 seconds ahead of second and third place (Pressure indeed!). It took Steve 1 hr 45 minutes to reach the top of Thule. The wind reached gale force strength and the weather was extremely hot – not ideal running circumstances. After Thule the race wound into Sehlabathebe National Park via the Park Lodge, and then onto Tsoelokane Waterfall. From there they raced to the border of the Eastern Cape, and back down again to St Bernard’s Peak Hotel.