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Khotso rates for 2014

There aren’t any dramatic changes to the rates regarding accommodation and activities on Khotso Adventure guest farm for 2014.  All the horse rides and the dorm rooms for the backpackers will remain the same for another year. Changes are effective as of 10 December 2013.




Log cabin:                                                         R 200pp (R 2400 if < 12 pp, children 165)

Rondawel:                                                        R 220pp (children 180)

Rondawel 2 PAX:                                            R 550 pn

Backpackers:                                                  R 130 pp

Double/Single room:                                    R 350 per room

En Suite:                                                          R 430 per room

Camping:                                                        R 80 pp



1 hour:                                                       R 150

2 hour: (incl. tea/biscuits)                   R 300

3 hour: (incl. lunch)                                 R 395

Full day: (incl. lunch)                              R 500

Pony ride: 50 (20 min.)                                     R 60



2 day:                                      R 2800 per person

3 day:                                     R 4200 per person

Longer Trips:                        R1400pppd



Breakfast/lunch:  R45

Dinner: R80



WIFI: R30 Per day

Firewood:  R50 per bag

Town drops: FREE

From/to Kokstad R300

 To Giants Cup R200

To Bushman’s R 250

Two day Horse Trail into Lesotho

In conjunction with Khotso Horse Trails Lesotho Adventures offers two main horse trails into (and out again) Lesotho. Strong mention must be made of the unpredictability of the Mountain weather in this high altitude destination.

Our Horseback adventures through Lesotho have you riding through spectacular valleys and cresting awe inspiring ridges and cliffs.. sometimes at a gallop! You could be forgiven for feeling like you have wings!
Among some of the truly unique sights are the otherworldly rock formations we ride through in Sehlabathebe National park. They appear to form a strange theatre moulded by nature to entertain the gods.
The breath-taking Tsoelekane falls entices you into its pool in summer, or to warm up on the shore in winter.
Guests on the three day adventure have the opportunity of exploring deeper into the Maluti Mountains… into villages time forgot and cave paintings left by the mysterious San who once roamed these mountains.
*Although this ride is structured to allow for beginners it is an adventure ride- by no means a plod down the road. You will be maneuvering your horses through some pretty daunting rock passes .. as long as you can trust your horse can do this with its eyes closed you will be fine!
*All food and supplies for the adventure are carried along by horseback. This means packing light is essential… REALLY light
*Accommodation is in lodges in and around the Sehlabathebe National Park. Facilities are impressive, given the remoteness, but even a simple warm bed feels like 5 star luxury after trekking through the Kingdom in the Sky all day! Please note, however, that electricity is a luxury you will need to do without for a few days.