Join us for an adventure that will take you deep into the magical mountain kingdom that is Lesotho. Follow an age old donkey trail up the pass, undisturbed by other people or traffic and expect endless planes, amazing mountains, incredibly friendly people, Bushman’s paintings, waterfalls, herds of wild horses and much more. We overnight in comfortable lodges in genuine Basotho villages which are undisturbed by tourism. Trips are for a minimum of 2 people and a minimum of 2 days.

DAY I – starts at the farm with a full cooked breakfast, sometime between 7 and 8 am. We then

transport the horses and the guests to Bushman’s Nek Pass where we saddle up and hop on the

horses. We ride across the border and start the trail. After a nice easy start ascending the Bushmans Nek Pass up the mountain. We climb 1000 m up the pass and reach a plateau where we have lunch. At this stage you have entered Lesotho. We continue the ride past amazing rock formations and stay at our lodge “the croft” in a town just outside the park call Sehlabathebe. The lodge is relatively plush, though still basic. The lodge is on top of a mountain with a full view of the gorge, just a 5 minute walk there is a huge cave with the most spectacular views available.

DAY II – We have a nice easy start with a full breakfast and continue to ride down to the clear blue river and follow her into the gorge. There are lots of opportunities to see Bushman paintings and beautiful views. Out of the gorge, we go up to the top of the mountain to the secret lake, with a variety of rare birds, such as the crested crane. That night we stay in Ha Semanyane village, where you’ll have the chance to check out the local shop, try some of the local home brew beer and generally experience Basotho village life.

DAY III – Having sampled the amazing Lesotho bread for breakfast, we head out, returning via a

largely different route from the way up. We go through the ‘Valley of the Wild Horses’  (yes, where

there are wild horses!) and stop at the Tsoelikane waterfall. Offering further opportunities for

exhilarating gallops, the day ends around 4 pm back at the farm, where a hot shower awaits you.



Light rain gear

Good hiking shoes/boots

Comfortable jeans

Warm clothes in winter time (gloves, hats, thermals)

Sun screen

Lip balm

Everything you will take will have to fit in a saddle bag, as well as food for dinner etc. Hence, packing

light is essential. NB: we stay in lodges so all bedding is provided.

NB: Children Under 18 years Visiting Lesotho

All minors under the age of 18 years will be required to produce, in addition to their passport, an Unabridged Birth Certificate (showing the particulars of both parents) when exiting and entering South African ports of entry

Read More on the new law here