Khotso the Sheep Farm

Khotso Adventure guest farm may have the best Horse Trails in the Southern Drakensberg and into Lesotho, but underlying the entire Horse Trail and Accommodation operation is the actual farming of sheep. This month, like so many years before saw the regular Basotho Sheep Shearers visit the farm to relieve 200 sheep of their wooly coats in time for the summer heat.  One of the guys (sorter) sorts the wool into different bales according to the quality, this year all our wool got class AM, the best quality! The wool gets packed into wool bales and then sent off to port Elizabeth to BKB, to be sold on the next auction. The price of wool is very good at the moment, so here’s holding thumbs… This gang of Shearers travel all over South Africa and Lesotho cutting wool all year around. They sleep in the shed even if they get offer different accommodation. We give them 3 meals a day, coffee and  tea. Very cool!


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