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2012 Lesotho Wildrun report by Rene Jupp

Day 1

All 29 Lesotho Wild runners began their unimaginable mountain journey at 7:10 this morning. The conditions were perfect with no wind and low (but not too low) tempreatures! The mood was great to witness, quite tense and quiet but excited too as they set off to tackle the 42km & over 2000m of climbing of day one!
Steve Black & Gerry Beukes tie on day 1 win on Lesotho Wildrun in 6:09. Third place scooped up by Bruce Shepard in 6:57. Andrew lowndes was 4th in 06.58.23. Chantal Nienaber 1st lady back in 6:59 – 5th place overall. Leander Opperman finished 6th in 7:00. Stephen Kriel, Guy Jennings & Steven Cunliffe joint 7th in 7:11 and the tenth runner in, Erik Hallendorff, 8.05.37. Tired but happy!
Places 11-17 taken by Belinda van de Riet, Angus Tanner and Rob Peters in 8.53.48, Deon Vermeulen and Boeta van Tonder in 9.05.41 and 9.10.51 for Thys Nel and Madelein Barnard. Bongani Sokudela owned the 18th spot with a time of 9.26.49.
Places 19-22 taken by Jane MacKinnon and Japhet Mudau in 10.34.27 and Retha & Theo Janse van Rensburg in 10.39.42

23-24 place, Mary Tsikinyane and Dominic Cullinan at 11.50.30, then the remaining 5 including sweep at 11.50.30 – Samuel van Dyk, Ad Cole, Rob Dijkhuis, Sharon Saylor and Roland van der Merwe. All in safe, long but good day out!!

42km of pure mountain trail, big views, big sky and big smiles. It’s just too magnificent. This is the unimaginable mountain journey we call the Lesotho Wildrun.

28km day 2 of the Lesotho Wildrun started in perfect clear fresh weather!

Gerry Beukes & Steve Black set a blistering pace out front on technical mountain single track & crossing the Maletsunyane at 15.8km in 2hrs. They topped out on the big 500m climb out of the Maletsunyane gorge and checked in at CP1 (18.4km) in 02:47. Andrew Lowdres was cooking in third, 4min behind the leading pair at CP2, 23km. Game was on! With 10km to go the 2011 record of 03:47 set by Allan Benn was being chased with guns blazing!! Leander Opperman was 4th runner in at CP2, just in front of Bruce Shepard in 5th, with 6km to go.

Gerry Beukes & Steve Black won 28km day 2 in 3:59! Allan Benn’s record is safe for another year!

Second place was scooped up by Andrew Lowndes in 04.06.35 and third Leander Opperman came in in 04.08.41. Bruce Sheperd came fourth in 04.11.23. Runners 6, 7 and 8 sharedt the 5th spot in 04.30.27 – Stephen Cunliffe, Guy Jennings and Stephen Kriel.

First lady in today was once again Chantel Nienaber, in a time of 05.03.37.

Next two ladies in were Erik Hallendorff and Belinda van der Riet in, at 05.19.28. Deon Vermeulen, Dominic Cullinan, Boeta van Tonder and Rob Peters came in at 06.12.47. 15 runners in! Madelein Barnard and Thys Nel finished in a time of 06.25.16 looking strong and happy!

Jane MacKinnon was the 18th runner in, in 06.36.58. Angus Tanner came in next with 06.50.45 and next up was Japhet Mudau and Bongani Sokudela in 07.08.51. Retha and Theo Janse van Rensburg was in at 07.13.01.

Last Wildrunners crossed the finish in 9hrs21min. Because it’s just so magnificent out there, you just want to stay out! 40km day 3 looms large tomorrow!

Day 3
Steve won :)
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Steve Black’s Wild Coast Ultra record broken

Monday, 21 February 2011
Wild Coast Ultra Report

They Meyer ‘ave Dunn it!!

Well done to Ciska Meyer and Hylton Dunn on setting new records in the Wild Coast Ultra Trail Run 2011,

The run starts at Silaka Reserve in Port St. Johns and ends on the Nahoon Beach in East London, 270km and  6 days later.

Hylton ran the 2010 race and had also run the route alone prior to the 2011 race to ensure that he knew the course well and lost no time because of  bad route choices.  He knew what he had to do, and set out each day determined to break the record set by Steve Black in 2010.  He succeeded in reducing the overall time by 81 minutes to 30:00:36.  Ciska, a novice to the Wild Coast Ultra, set out strong on day one and just seemed to get stronger every day.  She reduced the record by a staggering 14:44 to set the new record 41:02:16.

The race, now in its 5th year, had a record number of entrants including three people from the USA and one from the UK.  The general impression among the runners was that although it was a huge challenge, the event is set in some of the most breathtaking scenery South Africa has to offer.

I think that everyone that took part came away with their spirits lifted, ready to take on the ‘real’ world again.

For more detailed reports by runners see

Steve Black to run 1100km for girl injured in car accident

Lee Jay is his inspiration. She was injured in a car accident in May 2007 and was paralysed. Neck injuries left her a quadraplegic.

Lee Jay Gooderson

Steve has a couple of decades of multisporting and ultradistance running to his credit. He’s doing this massive run for Lee.

Steve got into trail running more recently. He seems to believe in “Go Big or Go Home”…

“Started Trail running with a race from Bushmansnek Border Post into Lesotho and back again, distance of 85 km, in 2006. Was very lucky and won it, subsequently won it in 2007 and 2008. Have done many other big trail runs, not winning them, but mostly being in the top 3.
2008 ran the Thin Air Challenge through 154 kms of Lesotho; it’s actually a mountain bike race, the organizers allowing me to run as I lack the privilege of a mountain bike; won it overall.

February 2009 did the Wild Coast Ultra from Port St Johns to East London, a distance of 270kms over 6 days, ran from Port Edward to the start at Port St Johns as a warm up, a distance of 140kms over 2 days, was lucky here and won the race in a time of 39hrs 15min, breaking the record by 5hrs 20 min.”

Steve Black with Lee Jay
Steve ran 1100 km to generate funds and awareness for Lee Jay

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