Backpackers Lodge: Calling all
fun / interesting / relaxed / easy / cool / slightly crazy / fully certified people. Get your asses over and come play at Khotso Backpackers. We can offer you the most amazing, chilled out spot in the country, if not the Southern Hemisphere, (hence why the staff here showed up some time long ago and never left) and we need all you heads out there to come and add some of your own amazingness.
There’s a tonne of stuff to do such as biking, hiking, rafting, swimming, tubing, fishing and more. OBVIOUSLY, you’ll have to join us for a quick horse trail around the farm, or preferably The full adventure on horseback into Lesotho. OK OK, this all sounds cool, but you just wanna chill? Hey – we understand. Grab a beer or a free cup of tea/coffee (or whatever else floats your boat) and cruise down the river in a tube, hang out on the hammocks in the garden or just go sit on a mountain top and think about life and stuff! Camping/over landers (which has access to electrical points) from R90 per person, Dorms from R130 pp, tastefully decorated doubles R380 per room. Shared bathroom and (well fitted) kitchen facilities. We also have an En-Suite room for R480 a night (for the unit). Communal lounge & bar (a good old fashioned honesty bar) and free coffee and tea. All meals available. Wifi available is also available for a daily fee and good times are thrown in free. We also provide homely farm-style meals and more often than not have a daily potjie or braai on the go. We also make out own bread (almost everyday).
Being located in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg away from all major cities the Drakensberg Backpackers Lodge can sometimes prove to be a little tricky getting to. Other than hitch hiking (not recommended) or hiring a helicopter (well…it happens), there are three popular methods of arriving in Underberg. Once in the village of Underberg we will come fetch you ourselves at no additional cost. The most popular and cheapest method is to rent a car – plain and simple. However this is not that great an option if you aren’t comfortable or confident driving in a strange country. For that purpose there is the Underberg Express shuttle that runs on a daily basis between Underberg and Durban. Another less frequented option is to single out the local mini-bus system: This is a very cheap option but is generally speaking a little more risky and not very comfortable (as the buses don’t run on time schedules and aren’t designed for luxury travel – means to an end sort of travel). Please feel free to contact us to help you getting here.