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Tubing at Khotso

When the rains starts coming in September, the rivers around Underberg fill to the brim (and sometimes a little more), causing the Umzimkulu river flowing in front of Khotso to become a heaven for those looking to spend a few idle hours floating on a river. Khotso can strongly recommend this activity and will assist and help.

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Press Kit



    • 1-5 Hour Horse Ride
    • Lesotho Adventure on Horseback
    • Self-Catering
    • Back Packers Lodge
    • The Lodge


    • – 1-5 Hour Horse Ride: The best horse trails in the Southern Drakensberg is what we can offer you. All our horses are well trained so that we can accommodate any level of experience. Your expert guide will take you on a 1 hour horse trail, ideal for beginners, a 2 hour horse trail for intermediate to experienced or 3 to 5 hours with complimentary picnic lunch for a true horse adventure. For all the above options there are plenty of opportunities to take your horse for a ‘run’ or canter if you feel up to it.


  • Lesotho Adventure on Horseback: The best horse trails in the Southern Drakensberg is what we can offer you. All our horses are well trained so that we can accommodate any level of experience.



DAY I – starts at the farm with a full cooked breakfast, sometime between 7 and 8 am. We then

transport the horses and the guests to Bushman’s Nek Pass where we saddle up and hop on the

horses. We ride across the border and start the trail. After a nice easy start ascending the Bushmans Nek Pass up the mountain. We climb 1000 m up the pass and reach a plateau where we have lunch. At this stage you have entered Lesotho. We continue the ride past amazing rock formations and stay at our lodge “the croft” in a town just outside the park call Belabetse. The lodge is relatively plush, though still basic. The lodge is on top of a mountain with a full view of the gorge, just a 5 minute walk there is a huge cave with the most spectacular views available.

DAY II – We have a nice easy start with a full breakfast and continue to ride down to the clear blue river and follow her into the gorge. There are lots of opportunities to see Bushman paintings and beautiful views. Out of the gorge, we go up to the top of the mountain to the secret lake, with a variety of rare birds, such as the crested crane. That night we stay in Ha Semanyane village, where you’ll have the chance to check out the local shop, try some of the local home brew beer and generally experience Basotho village life.

DAY III – Having sampled the amazing Lesotho bread for breakfast, we head out, returning via a

largely different route from the way up. We go through the ‘Valley of the Wild Horses’  (yes, where

there are wild horses!) and stop at the Tsoelikane waterfall. Offering further opportunities for

exhilarating gallops, the day ends around 4 pm back at the farm, where a hot shower and a home

cooked meal await you.



Light rain gear

Good hiking shoes/boots

Comfortable jeans

Warm clothes in winter time (gloves, hats, thermals)

Sun screen

Lip balm

Everything you will take will have to fit in a saddle bag, as well as food for dinner etc. Hence, packing

light is essential. NB: we stay in lodges so all bedding is provided.


    • Self-Catering: RONDAWELS Find peace and tranquillity in our rondawels for up to 6 guests. All tastefully furnished they each have a double room, a shower room and toilet, an open plan kitchen and lounge area and a further 4 single beds on the first floor. Each equipped with private braai area, they are ideally suited for families or small groups of friends.
    • Back Packers Lodge: Calling all fun / interesting / relaxed / easy / cool / slightly crazy / fully certified people. Get your asses over and come play at Khotso backpackers. We can offer you the most amazing, chilled out spot in the country, if not the Southern Hemisphere, (hence why the staff here showed up some time long ago and never left).
    • The Lodge: Our beautiful log cabin sleeps up to 24 guests. Downstairs there is a large open plan kitchen, dining area and lounge. 2 bathrooms and toilets and an outdoor shower for hot days. Outside you will find a large fire pit for braais and campfires.



With the onset of endurance sports gaining popularity, Lesotho Adventures offers a globally unique opportunity to experience Endurance Trail Running on the mountain trails of Lesotho. Guided by the legendary Steve Black (to view Steve Black’s running pedigree please visit his blog, the link is on the bottom of this page) this experience will see you running an average of 40 km a day, with an option to also run for a third day…if left to Steve you might accidentally run for much longer.

The general trails (as the mountains are riddled with game trails) follow pretty much the same route as the horse trails, but are not limited as a human can clamber inclines a lot faster than a horse can. Weather also plays a very important part in deciding what route / trail to run, and as the weather can be extremely unpredictable it’s never a wise move to settle on one specific route.

Obviously to be able to run an Ultra Marathon over the course of two days in a High Altitude Mountain environment requires a fair amount of experience, and is treated as a serious endeavour. Warm and comfortable sleeping arrangements are taken care of, leaving the runners very little to carry on their persons. Light but warm rain resistant clothes are recommended as is protection from the sun.


Khotso Horse Trails has a long standing relationship with the World Challenge school groups where trekking into the mountains of Lesotho involves improving the lives of many Basotho people. In conjunction with Khotso there have been schools built, educations funded and numerous other infrastructural improvements made in the villages otherwise isolated from civilisation.



Khotso has been very blessed to regularly get a lot of positive press coverage from various travel publications and national weeklies. For a complete list of updated articles, mentions and guide book inclusions please visit out blog URL:

Lesotho Horse Trail Adventure labelled the second best Adventure in Southern Africa by Sunday Times “Wild Weekends” Guide



Khotso is proud to have two website representing their interests in South Africa as well as Lesotho.

Also there is the blog that is regularly updated with regards to news, articles, and things happening on the farm as well.

We are also represented on:

Trip Advisor:

Facebook (Khotso):

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Twitter: @Khotso_Trails –



Log cabin:                                                                           R 200pp (R 2400 if < 12 pp, children 165)

Rondawel:                                                                          R 220pp (children 180)

Rondawel 2 PAX:                                                               R 650 pn

Backpackers:                                                                     R 130 pp

Double/Single room:                                                        R 380 per room

En Suite:                                                                             R 480 per room

Camping:                                                                            R 90 pp


1 hour:                                                                               R 150

2 hour: (incl. tea/biscuits)                                              R 300

3 hour: (incl. lunch)                                                         R 395

Full day: (incl. lunch)                                                       R 500

Pony ride: 50 (20 min.)                                                   R 60



2 day:                                                                                    R 2800 per person

3 day:                                                                                    R 4200 per person

Longer Trips:                                                                       R1400pppd



Breakfast/lunch:                                                                 R45

Dinner:                                                                                 R80



WIFI:                                   R30 per day

Firewood:                          R50 per bag

Town drops:                       FREE

From/to Kokstad              R300

To Giants Cup                    R200

To Bushman’s                    R250



It includes updated photos of all out current activities, our favorites and also photos submitted by our friends.



If you would like to contact us for more information please make use of the following contact details below:

OFFICE: Telephone: 033 701 1502 Mobile: 082 412 5540 Email:


Photo compliments of the Mountain Echo

Garden Castle is situated in the southern most section of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park. The reserve is a total of 35 300 ha in extent and offers the visitor a variety of experiences. Garden Castle forms part of the Maloti- Drakensberg Park, South Africa’s first cultural and environmental World Heritage Site. The exceptional natural beauty of the Maloti- Drakensberg Park is evident in its soaring basaltic buttresses, golden sandstone ramparts, rolling high altitude grasslands, steepsided river valleys and rocky gorges. The area has incredibly rich biodiversity including many endemic species.

WHAT TO DO ON ARRIVAL Day visitors are required to pay an entrance fee at the reception office on arrival at Garden Castle. Fees are payable on arrival. Office hours are between 08:00 – 13:00and from 14:00 – 16:00 daily.

CAVES / WILDERNESS AREA The reserve offers numerous caves for overnighting, which need to be booked for in advance. Hikers need to provide all supplies. Cooking may only be done on hiker’s own portable gas equipment. NB: No fires are allowed in the wilderness area. Hikers must please remember that only official overnight stops
may be used. Spades and trowels must be carried for toilet use.

VISITOR ACTIVITIES The reserve caters for the casual or overnight hiker with numerous walks available. The wildlife is diverse and the walks particularly scenic. A picnic area is situated just outside of the car park.

RHINO PEAK This hike offers the more adventurous a challenging route, and is a very popular hike. The hike covers an altitude from 1 840 m to 3 051 m above sea level.
PLEASE NOTE: The Mountain Rescue Register must to be completed before you begin your hike. Make sure you sign out again when you return. All overnight hikers are to ensure that the Mountain Rescue Register is completed before undertaking their hike. Ensure that you complete the mountain rescue register correctly and in detail. It is very often the only information the rescue team has to go on if you have an accident or get lost. When you leave the park, it is essential that you record your return in the mountain rescue register. Failure to do s o wastes valuable time for managers during rescue operations. Your life may depend on this information. Hikers should hike in parties of three or more individuals.

• No pets of any kind are allowed in the reserve.
• Fire in the reserve has to be constantly guarded against, as it can do untold harm to the environment. Visitors are reminded that no fires may be lit and care needs to be taken with discarding of cigarette ends.
• A small shop at the office sells maps, badges, refreshments, sweets and other basic foodstuffs. Groceries can be purchased in Underberg.
• Entrance gate to the reserve open and close at the following times:
Summer (1 October – 31 March) 05:00 – 19:00
Winter (1 April – 30 September) 06:00 – 18:00
• Late arrivals must make prior arrangements with the office.

Reservations for the Giant’s Cup Hiking Trails are made through Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Reservations, PO Box 13069, Cascades, 3202.
Telephone +27 (0) 33 845 1000, fax +27 (0) 33 845 1001.
Bookings for the caves and campsites can be made through the Conservation Manager, Garden Castle, PO Box 378, Underberg, 3257.
Telephone +27 (0) 33 701 1823, fax +27 (0) 33 701 1186.

Take the Pietermaritzburg-Boston-Bulwer-Underberg provincial road (R617). Take the MR 317 district road to Drakensberg Gardens (approximately 5 km after Underberg). This road ends at the Drakensberg Gardens entrance gate. Proceed through the entrance gate and follow the signs to the reserve.

29d12’25.47″E 29d44’45.64″S


Article in the Mountain Echo on ‘Climbing the Monk‘.


Cobham is situated in the Southern Maloti-Drakensberg Park, South Africa’s first cultural and environmental World Heritage Site, and is approximately 150 km from
Pietermaritzburg. The exceptional natural beauty of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site is evident in its soaring basaltic buttresses, golden sandstone ramparts,
rolling high altitude grasslands, steep-sided river valleys and rocky gorges. The area has incredibly rich biodiversity including many endemic species.
This reserve is managed together with Vergelegen Nature Reserve to form one management section of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site and isapproximately 52 000 ha in extent.
Visitors must check in at the office on arrival to complete the necessary registers. Office hours are between 08:00 to 13:00 and then from 14:00 to 15:40 daily. cobham river


For visitors own safety, the Mountain Rescue Register must be filled in. Visitors must ensure that their return is noted to avoid an unnecessary search being launched.
Hikers should hike in parties of three or more individuals.

Cobham has a curio shop which sells curios and refreshments. Visitors are advised to bring their own equipment. Cold weather clothing and equipment is advisable throughout the year and is essential during winter months.
The southern Drakensberg with its pristine grasslands and beautiful scenery, is relatively unspoilt and Cobham offers many day and overnight walks, including Sani Pass.
Fishing in the Pholela River is permitted and may be undertaken once a daily rod fee is paid at the office. Only fly tackle is permitted.
• No pets of any kind are permitted in the Park.
• Entrance gates to the reserve open and close at the
following times:
Summer (1 October – 31 March) 05:00 – 19:00
Winter (1 April – 30 September) 06:00 – 18:00
Reservations for the Giant’s Cup Trail are made through
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Reservations, PO Box 13069,
Cascades, 3202.
Telephone +27 (0)33 845 1000. Fax +27(0) 33 845 1001.
Campsite and Cave bookings must be made with Cobham
Office, PO Box 168, Himeville, 3256.
Telephone +27 (0) 33 702 0831. Fax +27 (0) 33 702 0171.

From Pietermaritzburg/Durban recommended route:
Follow the N3 Freeway. Take the R617 (to Bulwer and
Underberg). Stay on the R617 through Boston, Bulwer,
into Underberg. At Underberg turn right and drive for 5 km
to Himeville. As you come into Himeville, pass the speed
humps, immediately thereafter turn left on to the D7. The
turnoff is marked, follow this gravel road for 13 km to the
Cobham entrance gate. This route is clearly marked.
29d24’51.65″E 29d42’09.11″S
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife: Commercial Operations