Khotso is a working horse and sheep farm located on 1300 hectares of land at the foot of the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. Officially known as Tretower farm, this family run business has been operating for generations.

Originally sheep were the main source of income, however the constant attacks from jackal made it almost impossible to maintain a profit. It was decided that a backpackers and horse trails were the way forward and in the early 90s, Khotso opened her doors to the first travellers.

Since then, Khotso has grown to become the most established horse trail stables in the Southern Drakensberg, the most comfortable self-catering in Kwazulu Natal and the most chilled out backpackers in South Africa.

Furthermore, with the addition of Smeagul, the Anatolian Shepard to the family, sheep have once again been reintroduced to the farm. Smeagul spends her nights with the flock, warding off any danger – successfully so, as jackal attacks over the past year can be counted on one hand. What started with 15 sheep 4 years ago is now a healthy flock of around 250 sheep and 118 buzzing little lambs!

Soon you will also be able to purchase a small part of Khotso in the form of a bottle, when the water bottling plant starts producing some of the best bottled water in the country…